No Harm Done

Meringue was born in June 2013. She is a Satin/ German angora. I bought her from Heather.

Check out my latest goodies
I have 80% BFL/20% Satin Angora yarn for sale in 200 yard skeins. You could use them to make two color shawls. I have this one in mind from Marium was so kind to let me share this with you. I’m thinking a few beads would look nice too!
Well better get back to dyeing as the weather has improved – no more 18F mornings.
Take care,

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I’m here in my studio trying a lot of different things and need to ask you – What Do You Like?





Do you like the white angora or would you like to see the angora dyed to match the wool color? Do you like to spin up your rolags to make lace weight yarn or heavy fingering weight yarn? Do you like 2 ply or 3 ply? Your why I am here at my computer – I want to supply you with what you want! Please twitter me at Onaquestforfiber and let me know.

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When designing me you think I will just fit into a preformed box; you can’t fence me in!
I don’t automatically just fit between two yarn overs! To create me you have to give me life before you take some of it away. I will slip up sometimes and go in front of you and behind you. I will go right and left. On my front I will look normal and on my back I will be opposite of what I am. Sometimes I will need a life line to keep everyone on the same path.
Yes, I am Lace. I have found a new place to dwell. I keep my creator up at night as she thinks of ways to make me fit her expectations. Together I hope we create something beautiful.

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Road Trip with Lace


I love to knit in order to pass the time on a trip (taking my son back to college). This year it’s all about lace – shawls knit with Satin Angora of course!
During my travels today I had an aha moment! Do up a swatch of your lace pattern repeat not for gauge, but to learn from your stitches. Knit in some mistakes then tink ( knit stitches backwards) and watch what happens as they unravel. You’ve got nothing to lose as this is only a swatch! Then practice fixing your mistake. For me, trying to undo a SSK without twisting my stitches took some patience, but now I don’t panic as I’ve learned to handle the live stitches. I hope this helps and gives you more confidence to knit lace.
Take care,

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New Home

Cocoa and Meringue moved across the lawn to their new home. Right now they are there during the day; at night they stay at their cottage. My “third” child had to be in the picture! He is so jealous of my new family members!


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This is What Can Happen


I asked for lace knitting needles and two different family members went all out and bought me a complete set! Both have different characteristics that I will post as I use them. Lace will be my knitting of choice for 2014!
Glad I have some yarn from my Etsy shop that I can use.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Cocoa and Meringue would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Check out our store at

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Giving some Lovin

Just had to post this as he is so darn cute!

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